The weak is meat, the strong eat.

I’m no expert when it comes to Japanese culture. What I can say though is that I feel compelled by everything that comes for the land of the rising sun. The other day I stumbled upon a Japanese saying that I found very graphical in a way.


“The weak are meat, the strong eat.”

So I was inspired by that. I immediately saw an image in my head. Not the final image but something close to it. The general story telling was forming. But I did not stay in my comfort zone and use my usual style. I wanted to explore. Ink seemed like the logical choice for what I wanted to express.


The weak are meat, the strong eat.

I started by drawing the skull. At first I didn’t know how to go about adding texture and details. It took a few trials and errors to get it right.

If you feel like watching the process, here it is. Hope you like it! Oh! and by the way, check out the t-shirt shop if you feel like buying a shirt with this design. If you are not the t-Shirt type of person, head on over to Red bubble for more products with this design.

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