Hello, world!

My name is Etienne


I knowthat my name, Etienne, may seem hard to pronounce at first, but i have trick for you. Say the three letters A-T-N, one after the other. To make things worse, my last name is Laurent. To pronounce it properly, say “lowran”. Here you go. Close enough. So that’s why you’ll find me on instagram with the handle @atnlowran. I known, pretty clever.

I’m the father of two smart and creative kids and the husband of my lovely, brilliant and loving wife, Myriam.

With that said, the deal with me is that I cannot really define myself with only one thing. I like to touch everything and experiment on anything. I rarely fit the mold and i hate to be average.

My day job is to be a Manager of e-Commerce and Digital Strategy for Groupe Marcelle, the largest Canadian manufacturer of beauty products. In that role, I overview the e-Commerce & digital marketing team with 9 talented strategic business people, the graphic studio with 7 talented artists, and the International development team that counts 2 very special strategic thinkers.

As a “sideline” in this same job, I also take part of a forward thinking digital transformation squad that seeks to find opportunities to improve processes and tools that are either deprecated, or too manual.

So that’s my job. But I am also very passionate about visual arts, creativity, music and more. Oh! and I run too.

On this site, I will not take the usual approach and give you a rundown of my skills or anything like that. I won’t organise anything in any kind of logical way. Instead, i’ll make an effort to be myself and to express who I am.

I hope someone, maybe you, will enjoy.

My Skills

I tend to go from one thing to the other until I feel I’m in control of it.

Digital Strategy

Companies I've worked for

  • cirai
  • 1200px-Mega_Brands_2logo
  • Mexx_Logo
  • groupe_marcelle_cosmetics_noir

Brands I've touched

  • Marcelle_seulement
  • LW_Logo_Secondaire
  • Annabelle_Logo_BringYourBeautiful_EN
  • logo_cwb
  • oxfam-quebec-logo-lg
  • AAAABSD8agBAs0Km056dulg7AcmdwzxNw-Nv2zcExAa-lF82LfuR46Yp1KjzQ2w7fczAmfXD9jjML_dSPbgBx_gQ4quqe9gCczEKgsGbabkiRP2yWA9X9udr6XhS1GUdMQPtDlQiINkhd46Wg6eJViXXxRjSnWZP126VhNc
  • Free-vector-mega-blocks-logo_090801_Mega-Blocks_logo
  • cat_logo
  • marvel_logo
  • Mexx_Logo
  • cavavin_logo
  • montreal_logo

My Toolbox

  • procreate
  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • indesign
  • premiere
  • dreamweaver
  • adobe-animate
  • 3ds
  • mentalray
  • construct2
  • magento
  • bootstrap